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Sefefo Occasional Side Tables, Patricia Urquiola 2013



White Oak
Panga Panga

Alternative Wood Types(Available Upon Request)


720 DIA x 478H
590 DIA x 625H

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The Sefefo occasional tables express a balanced approach between contemporaneity and free hand wood carving. The name Sefefo (meaning whirlwind in Setswana), denotes the helix shape of the wood carving that brings to mind the shape of a whirlwind.

The strict form and profiles of the table, combined with the free hand carving on the base, applied using a small hand held electric tool by the craftsmen at Mabeo, bring together two seemingly opposite processes.

The tables are available in two different heights and diameters that allow for use either as coffee tables or as low cafe tables. Two tables can also be placed together as a nested set of occasional tables.