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Maun Winsor Side Chair, Patty Johnson 2006



White Oak
Panga Panga Wood

Colors: Black/Red/White
Additional Color Mark: Black/White


475 x 415 x 740H

Alternative Wood Types (Available Upon Request)
Colors and Pattern (Available Upon Request)

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The Maun Windsor Side chair is an extension of the Maun Windsor collection of chairs.

The English Windsor chair, introduced to Botswana in the early 1900’s was a common site in many a households in traditional Botswana.

A reinterpretation of the Windsor chair by designer Patty Johnson, results in the Maun collection of chairs that have clean contemporary lines that meld with the abstract qualities of African wooden sculpture. Like the original Maun Windsor chair, the side chair is designed to be sustainable in all respects, and is crafted using tried and tested methods by the craftsmen and women of Mabeo in Botswana.