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Kalahari Cabinet, Claesson Koivisto Rune 2010



White Oak
Panga Panga Wood

Alternative Wood Types (Available Upon Request)


Two Door Unit 1240 x 450 x 820H
Three Door Unit 1840 x 450 x 820H
Four Door Unit 2440 x 450 x 820H
Six Door Unit 3640 x 450 x 820H

Optional 4 Drawer Insert Additional/Drawer Set

Custom Sizes (Available Upon Request)

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Options :
Optional Drawer Insert :


The Kalahari cabinet by designers Claesson Koivisto Rune, is a multipurpose storage cabinet. An intricate herringbone pattern is applied with a hand tool on the doors through a demanding, labour intensive process by the craftsmen and women of Mabeo in Botswana. This expertly hand applied pattern results in a motif that is organic, yet precise.

The Kalahari cabinets are available in numerous different sizes, ranging from a double door cabinet to a custom made 6 door cabinet, or longer. A different height option that allows for the Kalahari cabinet to be used as a standard size kitchen cabinet is also available. Shelves and optional internal drawers further add to flexibility of use, resulting in a cabinet that is versatile and functional.